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SouthendSeattle: Latest post If not a Community Center, maybe finally a center for our community.
by David

If not a Community Center, maybe finally a center for our community.

So it’s finally happening. The old Community Center is being torn down. What a relief to rid our neighborhood of this eyesore. The down side to that, as we all know, is that we no longer have the great facility that served us so well for so long. So it’s goodbye to old center and hello to new one! Well, not quite. It’s still a ways away before being built. It’s about time already because the works have been delayed for over a year, and our center has been closed all this time, pretty much for nothing. But now we’re going to have to remain patient until the end of … 2013.

Yet, as the saga goes on, Parks is now looking for partners to operate the new facility!!? I apologize for the excessive punctuation, but there’s just no other way to put it. After having lost the use of our center to support budget cuts, we’re now told there’s simply no money to run it. It...


Gnocchi with Spinach and Roasted Squash

by Georgia

Now that making pasta from scratch is a staple in my cooking repertoire at home, I told myself it’s time to move on to making gnocchi....


Peruvian Roast Chicken with Garlic and Lime

by Georgia

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The simplicity of roasting a chicken makes it a quick and easy meal to prepare. In this recipe mint, oregano and smoky paprika are the stars...


Learn to Row with Renton Rowing!

by Anne

I’ve been interested in getting back into rowing for a while now. It’s a great workout, a beautiful sport and with all of the lakes and...


If Fish could fly… a tale of Christmas not very far away

by David

If Fish could fly… a tale of Christmas not very far away

There is a land deep in the Valley where a little creek...

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SouthendSeattle: Latest post

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Energy Efficiency Program Reaches Out to Diverse Businesses in the Southend

by SouthendSeattle

Submitted special to SouthendSeatte by Jennifer LaBrecque
Community Power Works, Small Business Project Manager



Local Businessman Represents 98118

by MLKBA Homesight

Community leader ASARI MOHAMATH shares his story of how he came to live in the 98118 and what he has learned here with Julie Pham, President...


Viking Rugby Offers Unique Opportunity for Southend Youth

by SouthendSeattle

Submitted by the Seattle Vikings RFC

Registration for Seattle Vikings rugby ages 7 to 18 is now open, offering a unique opportunity...


Holiday Memories

by NV

One of my favorite childhood memories of the Holidays is the occasional package we would get from relatives in Holland. Inside these brown...


Welcome to Cold Season.

by Jennifer

This is the time of year when I feel like everyone other person I talk to has a cold. The heat has come on in our homes, windows and doors...


The Science of Massage

by Jennifer

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I was recently asked “What’s the science of massage?” and honestly I felt a little flustered. Scientific research is just beginning...


Passionate About…Succulents

by Jackie

Some folks just aren’t into plants. I get that. My husband has contributed a lot to our garden – mixing up batch after batch of magical...


Leaf Peeping in the Southend

by Jackie

I have mixed feelings about autumn. The shift in weather – especially when summer is so fleeting – makes me cranky. Yet, the colors of...


The Sun and the Moon in Rainier Beach…

by Glenda

There are so many beautiful mornings and evenings in the “hood”. Hope you take the time to enjoy one. I recently returned from attending...


Cooking with Gas

by Rainier Valley Hist. Society

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In 1911 cooking classes were a part of the required curriculum for girls, as were manual trades for boys, in the old Columbia School. In...


Orca K-8 School to deliver cans and cash to Rainier Valley Food Bank

by admin

Seattle, WA – Rain or shine, on Friday, January 13, at approximately 1:30 PM, the entire student body and staff members of Orca K-8 School...

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SouthendSeattle: Latest post

The Northwest Wine Academy Fall Release Party

by admin

Friday, November 18 & Saturday, November 19 – the Northwest Wine Academy is partnering with Bicycles for Humanity, collecting used...


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